Zhengrui Vacuum planetary mixer-5L

Zhengrui Planetary power mixer (5L) is a new type of machine, which combines the principle of traditional double planet mixer and high speed dispersion machine, and has been widely used in many fields.

1. Zhengrui Vacuum Planetary Mixer Material

  • Upper and lower barrels: SUS304
  • Mixing shaft & mixing slurry: SUS304
  • Dispersion axis dispersion disc: SUS304
  • Clamp: SUS304
  • Rack&base: Q235-B

2. Zhengrui Vacuum Planetary Mixer Features

For the characteristics of high solid content and large viscosity of the battery slurry, we developed an enhanced power mixer with higher speed and greater torque on the basis of the original machine.

In the design process, fully consider the speed of the agitator, stirring power, dispersion linear speed, suspension grade, liquid flow pattern and the distribution of turbulence intensity in the barrel and other factors, the highest high-speed dispersion linear speed can reach 23m/s, the enhanced twist frame can handle any high viscosity battery slurry.

The new mixing mode – twist frame rotates clockwise and turns counterclockwise to ensure that there is no dead Angle and no “climbing” phenomenon.

In terms of sealing, two sets of mechanical seals plus soft and static seals ensure vacuum – in theory, the sealing performance is enhanced by 30%. The Pt100 temperature sensor is in direct contact with the material, the measurement is more accurate, the reaction speed is faster, and the error is only between ±0.5℃.

3. Zhengrui Vacuum Planetary Mixer Parameter

4.Zhengrui Vacuum Planetary Mixer Advanced Design

  • 1, The design is suitable for flat-bottom mixing tank, the slurry shaft design is reasonable and easy to clean.
  • 2, The planetary frame design overpressure balance hole to prevent oil leakage caused by positive pressure.
  • 3, Planetary frame design transmission device and sealing structure oil injection hole.
  • 4, Increase the airflow cooling device.

5. Other models and volumes are available