3K Static Mixer for Sealant

Zhengrui static mixer is particularly suitable for the silicone sealant production with a high cost performance.

Compared with other equipment, it has high efficiency, low energy consumption, small size and easy continuous production.

It can automatic dose, automatic feed, synchronous output material.

The dosage of additives and colorrant can be adjusted at will, greatly ensuring product stability, reducing the waste of labor and materials.

The use of advanced liquid flow meter real-time monitoring, continuous automatic production, to achieve the synchronous operation of the cylinder, electronic ruler and servo motor, to avoid the ratio error.

1. Zhengrui Static Mixer Principle:

Zhengrui static mixer is a high efficiency mixing equipment without moving parts, only static elements.

The basic working mechanism is to use the mixing unit fixed inside to change the flow in the tube, in order to achieve the purpose of good dispersion and full mixing between different fluids.

2. Zhengrui Static Mixer Main Function

  • Additive flow monitoring, ±3‰ accuracy.
  • Pressure detection in the mixed pipeline.
  • Detect whether there is air in the material.
  • Colorant/additive automatic feeding system.
  • Hydraulic system 1 set, base material 170mm stroke extrusion.
  • Three sets of independent servo dosing system, volume proportion adjustable range 5‰ -8%.
  • Fault alarm and prompt.
  • Heat the hose.

3. Zhengrui Static Mixer Main Structure

1)Measurement of basic and additive materials

The main material first enters the main metering cylinder through the three-way valve. After the three-way valve performs the reversing action, the inlet port is closed, the dosing cylinder and the discharge hole are connected, and then the hydraulic cylinder acts to press the material from the dosing cylinder to the discharge hole.
The additive materials system works in the same way as above.

2)Mix system

After several materials are extruded synchronously by the dosing system, the different additive materials are added to the main materials in a certain proportion by the additive materials mixing valve group, and finally the multi-layer mixing core in the three groups of mixing heads is cross-dispersed tens of thousands of times to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

3)Hydraulic system

Provide pressure to all cylinders of the dosing system

4. Zhengrui Static Mixer Parameter