Full Automatic Sealant Cartridge Filling Machine (3 Version Available)

Zhengrui automatic sealant cartridge filling machine is capable of processing all kinds of viscous products such as slicone sealant,acrylic sealant,neutral sealant and adhesive / caulk. It features high efficiency, energy saving, less wastage, air free, accurate dosing, easy to operate and simple to maintain. contact us for version detail and price.

1. Sealant Cartridge Filling Machine Applications

Zhengrui sealant cartridge filling machine has wide applications of filling such contents:

  • Acid glass glue
  • Neutral weather resistant adhesive
  • Silicone neutral structural adhesive
  • Silicone stone glue
  • Neutral anti-mold adhesive
  • Insulating glass glue
  • Special adhesive for aluminum-plastic plate
  • Aquarium glue
  • Special adhesive for large glass
  • Mildew proof adhesive for bathroom
  • Acrylic structural adhesive
  • Joint sealant

Click the above image to see a video of the machine

2. Zhengrui Sealant Cartridge Filling Machine Structure

The structure of Zhengrui cartridge filling machine is mainly composed of three parts:

  • Mechanical part: including sheet metal, frame, workpiece, etc.
  • Electrical part: servo drive system, PLC control system (programming), pneumatic components, etc
  • Other parts: cylinders, pneumatic pipe joints, screw, guide rails, sliders, bearings, belts, wires, etc

The operation of the whole filling equipment is converted from electrical energy to mechanical energy. Electric parts include cartridge loading, cap loading, jet coding, cutting glue, pressing glue, bottle transport. Pneumatic parts include rotating valve, bottle clamping, push bottle, capping.

Applicable cartridge types:

Our model is suitable for plastic cartridge / tube, aluminum / paper tube: 260-310ml, with diameter of 40mm, and length of around 250mm.

3. Advantages and characteristics of Zhengrui cartridge filling machine

1. Press feeding system is controlled by Servo motor, which is fast and powerful. lt uses only electricity and no consumables.

2. Double dozing, double filling head. It can fill 2 cartridges at the same time with stable quality and air-free.Filling speed is 40-50pcs/min. Press 2 caps once.

3. This is 3-color machine with 3 servos, 6 dosing and 6 filling heads. This machine can only fill one color at a time, not three colors at the same time. When you want to change color, you just need to switch the filling pipes.

3-color machine with 3 servos

4. We provide a tool-box for installation.

tool-box for installation

5. Our fillier equipment is equipped with rotating ink-printing device. (Remark: Excluding ink-printing machine, you can purchase the printer as needed)

6. Automatic loading of empty cartridges and caps

Automatic loading of empty cartridges and caps

4. Cartridge filling machine parameter and illustration

Filling Speed (production capacity)40-50pcs/min
Filling Accuracy+/-2g /pc
Main power voltageThree-phase 380V50HZ
Control powerDC24V
PowerAbout 4KW
Air pressure4-8Kg
Control meth odPLC+Touch Screen
Machin e weightAbout 2.0T
Floor space5㎡
WarrantyOne year
Cartridge filling machine illustration

5. Export packing size

Cap loading: 158x71x235cm; Cartridge loading: 213x45x145cm; Dosing: 146x89x189cm; Filling: 156x123x183cm

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