Zhengrui Automatic Cartridge Nozzle Inserting Machine

Zhengrui Nozzles Inserting Machine is designed by our experienced engineers, it greatly improves the packaging efficiency, saves manpower, optimizes the packaging process, and is an indispensable automation equipment for the production and packaging of rubber.

  • Professional design
  • Stable operation
  • Simple operation
  • PLC+Touch Screen
  • Quantity adjustable

Click the above image to see a video of the machine

1. Zhengrui Cartridge Nozzle Inserting Machine Work Procedure:

The nozzles are transported to the discharge port by a vibrating disc

The nozzles are arranged in order in the track and continue to move forward.

The nozzles automatically fall into the tunnel and counts automatically.

The nozzles are transmitted to inserting table via the tunnel.

Driven by the cylinder on the rotating shaft to complete the insertion action.

The finished products falls automatically into the carton by rotating the shaft.

2. Zhengrui Cartridge Nozzle Inserting Machine Composition

  • OMRON electrical controls
  • Stepping motor
  • Cylinder solenoid valve
  • PLC control
  • Vibrating disc

3. Zhengrui Carton Packiing Machine Parameter

4. Export Packing Size:

Plywood case: L1250cm*W1100cm*H1350cm