Zhengrui Robot palletizer

Zhengrui Palletizer can neatly and automatically place the packaged goods of different dimensions on the pallet.The robot has a material palletizing sequence and arrangement setting device. It can handle bags and cartons at an adjustable speed.

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The Palletizer effectively controls grip to grab and place products. According to the pre-programmed arrangement mode, automatic change of product direction and code position. Accurate positioning, a variety of arrangement forms. It is convenient to replace the gripper, adapt to different products, and is widely used in the industry.

1. Zhengrui Robot Palletizer Product Feature

The Paletizer is an automatic mechanical device that mimics part of hand actions and realizes automatic grasping, handling or operation according to the given program track and requirements. With the development of industrial automation, robots are becoming more and more important in industrial applications.

  • Simple structure:
  • It consists of fewer components and is easy to maintain.
  • Easy operation:
  • All control can be operated on the screen . The operation is simple.
  • Save space:
  • Robot palletizer can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively.
  • High efficiency:
  • The ability of the robot palletizer is higher than manpower and low failure rate.
  • Strong versatility
  • By replacing the gripper of the manipulator, the palletizing and unpalletizing of different goods can be completed, which relatively reduces the purchase cost of customers.
  • Widely applicable:
  • Suitable for chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastic and other automatic production enterprises; all kinds of cartons, bags, cans, beer boxes and other shapes of packaging.

2. Zhengrui Robot Palletizer Operation Environment

Temperature: 0~45℃
Humidity: 20~80%RH (no condensation)
vibration: Below 4.9m/s²
No inflammable and corrosive gas liquid
Do not involve water, oil, powder
Do not approach the source of electromagnetic gas.

3. Zhengrui Robot Palletizer Illustration

Model: ECR50-1850

4.Zhengrui Robot Palletizer Parameter

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