Zhengrui Semi-automatic Manual Cartridge Filling Machine

  • This machine is composed of servo control filling and automatic capping. One person can operate independently to complete the sealant packaging process.

  • It is accurate in quantity, fast in speed and stable in performance.

  • Suitable for plastic bottle and aluminum tube packaging of glass glue, silicone, acrylic glue and other sealant products

1. Zhengrui Manual Cartridge Filling Machine Composition:

The caps are automatically transferred through the vibrating disc.

The empty tubes are filled manually.

The filled tubes are pressed caps by machine.

Servo motor precisely controls the dosing system.

PLC+touch screen , easy to operate.

The humanized height is easy to work and produce.

2. Zhengrui Manual Cartridge Filling Machine Features:

  • The machine is compact in structure, small in size and portable in movement.
  • Volume is adjustable from 260-310ml.
  • Automatic cap transmission and capping , one person can complete the production .
  • The machine can count automatically, the production quantity is clear.
  • The friendly display interface makes the operation easier.
  • Fault alarm and protection functions make production safer.

3. Zhengrui Manual Cartridge filling Machine Parameter:

4,Export Packing Size:

Plywood case: L1240*W1050*2200MM