Automatic Soft Bag Sausage Sealant Filling And Sealing Machine

Zhengrui sausage type sealant filling machine is suitable for producing material like paste or sealant, caulk such as polyurethane, silicone or MS-poly,electronical glue. It is highly accurate and fully automatic. Two version sausage filler is available for one head and two heads.

The machine is compact in structure, small in size and portable in movement with wheel. It adopts advanced pneumatic and PLC intelligent control, reliable mechanical structure technology.

PLC control, sealing film, filling glue, clipping, cuting , the whole process is fully automated on an integrated work platform without human intervention.

Humanized design, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance. This glue filling machine is durable with high-quality control motors and components.

silicone sealant filling machine

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1. Zhengrui Sausage Sealant Filling Machine Core Components:

The sausage sealant filling machine is composed by material dosing system, filling control system and sealing cutting system.
All operating are controlled by cylinder solenoid valve.

  • Servo motor
  • Cylinder
  • Sensor
  • Delta PLC programmable controller
  • Solenoid valve
  • Power supply
  • Touch screen -10 inch
  • Bearing

2. Zhengrui Sausage Sealant Filling Machine Work Procedure:

Dosing – Film feeding – Heat sealing – Filling – Clipping – Cutting

Automatic pull aluminum film, tension is adjustable.It adopts a cis-traction design structure, which can advoid film scratch.

Our filling machine has accurately dosing and servo press systerm.

The filling tube is connected to the cylinder with a quick joint, which can change the pipe and change the color easily.

Automatic heat sealing and temperature is adjustable.Temperature controlls hot melt bonding.

Automatic filling, volume is adjustable, tube diameter is 44-48mm.

Automatic feeding dual clip.
The CAM chain inside the filler machine has small dynamic resistance, good stability and not easy to damage the clip.

Automatic cutting by clip

Control panel , easy to operate.

PLC+ touch screen interface.

3.Zhengrui Sausage Sealant Filling Machine parameter and illustration

Production capacity20-25pcs/min
Filling Accuracy±2g/pc
Filling range500ML-750ML
Voltagethree-phase 380V50HZ
Air pressure0.6-0.8mpa
Control methodPLC+ Touch Screen
Floor space1.5㎡
WarrantyOne year

4. Export packing size

Plywood case: L203*W110*H225CM