Automatic cartridge cases packing machine

Zhengrui carton packing machine can automatically arrange the sealant cartridges into opened cartons and pass them on the conveyor belt to the next process.
Our machine can cooperate with any manufacturer’s automatic silicone filling machine.

  • This packer machine includes arranging device, filling device, transmission device, which respectively complete the corresponding functional action, all devices are installed on the same main frame.
  • PLC + touch screen control is greatly convenient for operation and management, reduces production personnel and labor intensity. This carboard packer is an essential equipment for automated medium-large-scale sealant or caulk production.

Click the above image to see a video of the machine.

1. Zhengrui Cartridge Carton Packing Machine Work Procedure:

1.The empty box is transported to the packer through conveyor.

2.The empty box is pushed to the filler.

3.The cartridges are lined up and pushed into the box.

4.The fulled box will be sent to the next step.

5.The box is transported out through conveyor.

6.This is the final packing style.

2.Two kinds of Conveyor Belt Optional:

You can choose the belt according to your workshop space.

Straight belt

Cyclic belt

3.Zhengrui Carton Packing Machine Structure

  • The machine base.
    It consists of a frame and a platform.
    The frame is welded from 40*40mm steel square tube, and the platform is 12mm aluminum plate.
  • Cartridges arranging device.
    The cartridges are stacked up and down, and the operation is completed by servo, lead screw and cylinder.
    It can make 64 or 55 specifications. Once the cartridges are lined up, they will be pushed into the box by Φ50mm cylinder.
  • Box pushing device.
    The forward and backward boxes are respectively controlled by two cylinders. Linear guide are smooth and the movement speed is adjusted.
  • Electrical part.
    It consists of distribution box, PLC+7 “Screen, servo, cylinder, solenoid valve, sensor and switch.

4.Zhengrui Carton Packiing Machine Parameter

5.Zhengrui Carton Packiing Machine Illistrator

6.Export Packing Size:

Plywood case: L200cm*W85cm*H140cm